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Pavers are a great addition to any outdoor area. These low maintenance features are easy to clean, last for decades and are extremely resilient. But in order to make sure they don’t sink, shift or become damaged, you also need to install landscape pavers correctly. The time taken to pave any space would depend on the size of the area to be covered.

For the sake of this article, let’s take an example of paving an average-sized patio. This can take approximately a weekend to complete. Here is a quick guide from Gulf Coast Brick Pavers, Inc, on how to install pavers:


  • Conduit
  • Studs
  • Gardening gloves
  • Safety glasses and sunglasses
  • Spray paint
  • Wet tile saws and blades


  • Flagging tape
  • Edging stones
  • Plastic edging

Steps To Install Pavers On A Patio

1. Prepare the Patio Space

  • Mark the entire perimeter of the patio space using marking paint.
  • Drive the wooden stakes into the ground a little outside of the markings & attach a long mason line.
  • Mark the proper height on the wooden stakes and make adjustments to the mason line. The area should slope away from your home structure and have a drop-off of about 1” for every 8’.

2. Clear The Grass And Soil

  • When digging, keep in mind that you’ll be adding 4” of paver base and approximately 1”of paver sand before installing the paver units.
  • Use a shovel & spade to clear soil and grass from the work area. Maintain both the proper slope and depth.

3. Add The Paver Base

  • Spread a 4” deep paver base throughout the work area.
  • Spread the paver base with a rake.
  • Compact the entire space until you have a very firm base.
  • Lightly spray some water to make the base more solid.

Tip- Consider renting a plate compactor when working with larger patio areas; it will save you some time on paver installation.

4. Add and Level The Paver Sand

  • Place the electrical conduit over the base. It will form “tracks” which will help guide you when you are leveling off all the paver sand.
  • Pour sand carefully between& across the conduits and then drag the 2 x 4 right across the conduit and level the sand layer.
  • Now lift the conduit out & completely fill the voids with additional paver sand. Level the voids before moving on.
  • Follow this same process until your entire patio is covered with properly leveled paver sand.

5. Place the Paver Stones

  • Start at one corner of the patio.
  • Lay out all patio pavers one by one.
  • Work outward as though you are starting at a triangle tip and working out.
  • Place the pavers straight down in the sand and make sure they are fitted snuggly together.
  • Continue until all the paver units have been placed.

Final Steps

  • Add edging stones or edge restraints
  • Spread a fine layer of paver sand over the surface
  • Sweep the sand into all the gaps between the units
  • We recommend sealing your pavers for best and ling-lasting results

Companies like Gulf Coast Brick Pavers, Inc provide excellent paver installation services at competitive cost.


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