How to Clean Pavers

Brick pavers are arguably one of the most distinctive, durable and attractive materials for hardscaping. These products are available in a variety of shapes, sizes, colors and textures and are extremely versatile. They are used for various outdoor areas such as walkways, pathways, courtyards, driveways, entryways, poolscapes and more. Read more about How to Clean Pavers >>

How to Install Pavers

Pavers are a great addition to any outdoor area. These low maintenance features are easy to clean, last for decades and are extremely resilient. But in order to make sure they don’t sink, shift or become damaged, you also need to install landscape pavers correctly. The time taken to pave any space would depend on the size of the area to be covered. Read more about How to Install Pavers >>

How to Seal Pavers

Unsealed pavers are subject to fading, sand loss, staining and can sometimes develop mildew and weeds growth. With proper maintenance and sealing, your pavers will be far more likely to be durable and long lasting and have a great appearance. So contact the team here at GulfCoast Brick Pavers, Inc for all the information and the assistance you may need to keep your pavers looking their best for the long haul! Read More About How to Seal Pavers >>

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