Retaining Walls

Retaining Walls

Walls are what shape and mould your backyard or your garden into a thing of beauty. Even the most unkempt or wild backyard will look like a secret garden if there’s a wall surrounding it and adding to its beauty. However, retaining wall systems aren’t just there to look pretty. They’re there to perform a vital function.

The soil in your green and healthy backward is going to behave like all soil behaves, it is going to erode in keeping with the weather. The weight of the soil can push and destroy the structure of the yard, especially if your property is graded. Retaining walls exist to maintain that structure.

Trusted Company for Installation of Retaining Walls

GulfCoast Brick Pavers, Inc has been around for a while. We have the privilege of having a wide client base here in Plant City, Florida. We also provide our services in Lakeland, Lakeland Heights, Bloomingdale and Brandon.

Our clients in Mango, Zephyrhills, Temple Terrace, Bartow and Auburndale have opted for our services for several years. It is our motto to not only earn the trust of our clients but also to deserve it. With that in mind, we’re determined to provide work of the highest quality, without exception.

Retaining Walls

The Brick Advantage

There are many people who hesitate to invest in brick retaining walls. They would rather go with something more durable. However, there are many ways in which brick has an advantage over other methods.

  • Brick continues to be the most preferred materials for retaining walls. The reason being, in comparison to stone, brick is cheaper.

  • Aside from that cost, bricks are also easy to install and take less time. It requires nothing more than a brick and mortar to lay it down.

  • Brick is also enduring and certain a better option that wood. A well-constructed wall will last for years.

  • Brick retaining walls also look very natural and beautiful and blend in with your backyard well.

  • Brick is available in different shapes and sizes, allowing you to create a uniquely designed wall, if you desire it. Moreover, they come in uniform size, which means we have an easier time building retaining walls.

Retaining Wall Installation- The Process

Retaining Walls

Retaining wall construction is familiar to us. We’ve worked on several different projects over the years. To ensure client satisfaction and to deliver results on time, we follow a set methodology.

  • We first access the site, trying to get familiar with it. Our team looks keenly into the area we need to work on, making sure they miss nothing.

  • After our assessment is complete, we speak with our clients, discussing the various requirements needed for retaining wall design. We also get to know just how much they’re comfortable in spending.

  • With the budget and the requirements of the clients understood, we present an honest timeline and get to work.

If you have any questions at all about our work or wish to book an appointment, you can call GulfCoast Brick Pavers Inc, 863-656-6338. We’ll be pleased to receive your call!

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